CDS Classes

Tap Dance Class

Dance Mini
Ages 5-7

This class includes ballet and tap basics, as well as floor work and stretching. The class is designed for ages 5-7 with 0-1 year of dance experience. Recommended dress code is a leotard and tights, but you are welcome to wear anything. We only ask that you bring your own ballet and tap shoes, and a water bottle. Classes will be larger to make the class fun and will start with basic technique.

Young Ballerinas

Dance Junior
Ages 7-9

This class builds off of ballet and tap skills learned in dance mini. You will also be introduced to a new style of dance, jazz. The dress code is leotard and tights or black leggings. We ask that you bring ballet and tap shoes. Jazz shoes are highly recommended, but they are not necessary for the class. In dance junior, you will be in smaller groups making it easier to focus on technique and hone in on learning new skills.


Dance Intermediate
Ages 9-11

This class continues and builds off of jazz fundamentals practiced in dance junior as well as advancing in ballet and tap. There is also an option to take extra classes, choosing between lyrical/contemporary, musical theater, or technique/conditioning. Ballet shoes, tap shoes, and jazz shoes are necessary for this level, and depending on extra classes, other shoes may be needed as well. The dress code is regular dance attire and varies from class to class.

Modern Dance Leap

Dance Advanced
Ages 11+

This class is very technique and skill-focused and elaborates on your ballet, jazz, and tap skills. Extra classes are still available to take. This group needs to have a greater level of commitment to dance and will have more regular and longer classes each week. Ballet, tap, and jazz shoes are needed and other shoes may be required as well depending on extra classes. The dress code is appropriate dance attire and varies depending on classes.