Clover Dance


Fall 2021


Our schedule for the fall is still in the works. As soon as we get our school and dance schedules for the fall we will notify you all. Please keep us updated on AYSO soccer schedules this fall. So far we can tell you we will begin the week of August 15th. 

Outdoor dance studio

As of now, we will continue to use the outdoor dance space we used last spring as there is more space there. If we do move indoors, we will notify everyone prior as some people may not feel comfortable with this.


Instead of weekly Venmo payments, we will send monthly requests (based on how many classes your dancer attended that month) to make it easier for you all and less confusing. We will be getting a new Venmo account this summer so stay tuned for the username. 


Thanks for submitting! We will get back to you within 48 hours.