Tangled Showcase Info

We will be having a tangled-themed performance! In the coming weeks, we will be teaching everyone a tap dance. During one of our last few classes before the summer, you will all be invited to watch the girls perform the choreography they have been working on. Also as it is the end of the dance season, the girls will be getting awards specifically made for each one of them.


Performance Date

June 7th, 3:30 PM, dress rehearsal at 3 PM. Please tell us how many people will be coming here:


If you choose to buy a costume for your child, we will be ordering costumes within the next few weeks, and you can PayPal or Venmo us $20. If you choose not to order a costume, no problem. We have many that would fit that they could borrow. Click the link below to view the costume and fill out the order from!


The tap dance will be to "When Will My Life Begin" and the ballet dance will be to "I See the Light". If your daughter would like to practice the dance at home, you can find the music linked below!

Costume Check

Please bring costumes to class Friday, May 7th (also watch week) so we can fit them. Email Lexie beforehand if there are any problems.